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Wednesday, November 26, 2008


In today’s telecom market, staying ahead of competition is a necessity more than ever. Implementing the newest technologies available, enabling multiple services over your network, offering promotions and innovative rate-plans, being able to analyze your business and gain market share are all required for growth and even for survival. MIND's professional team will assist you with deploying your MIND billing solution in the shortest time possible, with migrating from an obsolete system and with enhancing your system as you grow. Our expertise and know-how minimizes your risk and your effort.

We at MIND are committed to our customers' success and efficiency and able to support their changing needs and their growth.


>With MIND outsourced solutions you will realize cost savings, will be more flexible and better able to adapt to changing market conditions. While you focus on winning subscribers and improving your bottom line we deal with increasing the level of service. Our developers tailor the application that meets your needs. Our billing operations team is skilled, highly experienced and capable of dealing with the most complicated billing requirements.

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